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Food for Life -

Food for Life is a European Technology Platform considering all aspects of food production and nutrition in the EU.

F4L Vision statement:

"An effective integration of strategically-focussed, trans-national, concerted research in the nutritional, food and consumer sciences and food chain management will deliver innovative, novel and improved food products for, and to, national, regional and global markets in line with consumer needs and expectations.

These products, together with recommended changes in dietary regimes and lifestyles, will have a positive impact on public health and overall quality of life (‘adding life to years’). Such targeted activities will support a successful and competitive pan-European agro-food industry having global business leadership securely based on economic growth, technology transfer, sustainable food production and consumer confidence."

International Conference on Aging, Disability and Independence (ICADI) -

This conference will be held February 21-23, 2008 in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Conference overview:

ICADI will focus on approaches to support people as they age in maintaining independence in daily living at home, at work and in the community.

As people age, independence can be maintained by use of assistive technology, by modifying homes, workplaces and environments and by selecting products that follow universal design principles. As people remain in the workforce into advanced years or return to work, knowledge and technologies are developing to adapt workplaces to meet their needs. Aging in the workplace is a new and significant area of focus for ICADI this year. Livable communities is another new focus, representing a broadening of the concepts of home modification and universal design to address design of communities so they are livable for all people. Mobility is another important component of independence as it relates to walking and wheeling, to driving and to using other methods of transportation. Prevention of injuries is essential to maintaining independence in advanced years. Current and future development in robotics will help and support individuals in everyday tasks; and, advances in telehealth approaches hold promise in monitoring and serving health and independence-related needs.