Presentations from the AGEACTION Conference can be found below.

We are in the process of obtaining the necessary permissions from the remaining speakers and once the formalities have been completed they will be uploaded on to this section of the website.

Thank you for your continued interest in AGEACTION.

Note: The presentations have been saved from Microsoft Powerpoint as single file web pages (.mht or .mhtml files). Some are quite large and may take a while to display on slow connections.



Finance and Industry



Social Science


“Longevity: the big issue of our time” - Tom Kirkwood

“EU funding for ageing research” – Patrik Kolar

“Active ageing around the world” – Alex Kalache

Citizenship and society in an ageing Europe” – James Vaupel

“The medical challenges of longer life” – Jean-Pierre Michel

“Living in an ageing world: a challenge for the individual and society” – Ursula Lehr

"Unlocking the potential of biological ageing research” – Linda Partridge - large file - may take some time to display, some images not displaying

“Technologies to enhance older age” – William Mann

“Economic opportunities of increasing longevity” – Robert Diamond

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