A one day Conference hosted by
the Institute for Ageing and Health, Newcastle University

funded by the EU Commission FP6 Framework

held on Monday 23 April 2007

The Sage Gateshead

Europe faces the immense challenge of unprecedented increase in life expectancy, which will continue into the 21st century. Although this state of affairs is the essentially positive outcome from multiple improvements in health care and socioeconomic circumstances, it nevertheless presents great strains for all member and associated states of the European Union in terms of increasing prevalence of age-related health problems and the growing financial implications for pensions, etc.

New scientific understanding of the ageing process is revealing much about the opportunities that exist to improve health, independence and quality of life for Europe’s older citizens.

This Conference is a unique bringing together of the work of expert sector panels in the areas of Medicine, Biology, Social Science, Technology and Finance to open the discussion to realise the full potential of biological ageing research in Europe.

If you are involved in any area of policy-making, research and its funding, industry, patient and public engagement, or the media, and have an interest in how Europe can and must address our changing expectations of life, the reports from this conference will provide essential information to help you enhance and extend your work.